Individual Therapy:

Adults often start DBT through individual therapy, as this presents a one-on-one atmosphere in which the presenting struggles and personal challenges can be dealt with through the support of a clinician. It is not uncommon to utilize a DBT skills workbook during these sessions, which creates a skills reference for the client. The course of individual therapy varies in length related to the presenting problem and the commitment demonstrated toward mastering skills.


Groups for Adults

Young Adult DBT Group:

This 8 week group is very much like a class where group members (aged 18-25) learn skills to effectively help manage their emotions and wellbeing. This group is very much like a class where group members learn skills to effectively help manage their emotions and wellbeing.  We cover various aspects of the following DBT modules:  Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance. New skills are presented weekly in an interactive format that includes opportunities to practice the skills and techniques with constructive feedback from the group leader and other group members. Group members may be invited to practice coping strategies in the group or role-play scenarios for resolving different situations. They are encouraged to discuss their experiences with the exercises. Homework is also assigned each week and is an important component.  Group members are expected to be in individual therapy while participating in the group.


Adult DBT Group

The major benefit to group therapy for DBT is the fact that clients can receive feedback from peers on their demonstration of skills, and can practice skills in a safe environment. The adult DBT group meets for 8 sessions, and rotates through the different skills. The best arrangement is to have individual therapy while also participating in group therapy, because the individual sessions allow for processing personal challenges, while the group sessions allow for intensive practice of important skills.


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